Cool View

I am currently working on an amazing site in Hillsborough with a past client who has just purchase a new home. The backyard is quite wooded thanks to mature heritage oaks on site as well as the borrowed canopy from beyond. However, the real point of interest is the sensational view corridor that runs the length of the backyard and off into the distant flight pattern of approaching aircraft landing at SFO. So commanding is the view, that as the landscape architect/designer, my focus is to orient the back patio and spa to align with and take advantage of this great situation. The spa will be a unique point of interest, too. Roughly 14×14′ it will separate the guests from the view with a dramatic vanishing edge that drops off to the lawn level below. Also planned in the design is a fireplace, outdoor kitchen with bar-counter for the adults and a counter for the kids and plenty of room for dining and entertainment. I’ve included a color-up concept plan of the first design go around. Also, included is a rough alternate sketch with boulder outcroppings, various seating arrangements, lounging shelves, a deep water well and raised fir-pit which terminates in a waterfall spilling into this crazy spa! Still working on it as the client weighs the options.