Let’s Get Started!

Let’s Get Started!

A few weeks ago I began a “shovel ready” project, but I’m a Landscape Architect so you’d expect that! This project is unique though as it happens to be our own backyard.

Lois and I have lived in Willow Glen for the past 26 years and our kids grew up there. Our daughter has since graduated from Cal Poly and is on her own. Our son attends UCI and is studying Aerospace Engineering – tough major. Incidentally, you can view our Willow Glen backyard by going to the Gallery Page at dubridgedesign.com. As empty nesters we decided to move to Gilroy where we bought a home in the beautiful west foothills just a few months ago to enjoy a more rural setting. We love the house and the countryside but the yard was less than desirable – I had serious reservation about what could be done with it but quickly took it on as a personal and professional challenge. Here are a few pics of the backyard before we get started.

As a homeowner and Landscape Architect my passion is to build and enjoy the plot of earth we call our backyards. Since we are just beginning the process of construction I thought you might want to join us via this blog to see how we transform an awkward, sloping yard on a shoe string budget into our tiny oasis of privacy, beauty, and a destination for entertainment.

The first step I took is the same one I always tell my clients to take – start with a well developed conceptual master plan. This will incorporate all the great ideas on your wish list into a cohesive, functional, beautiful plan. This is the heart and soul of your backyard get-away. You wouldn’t begin a home remodel without a plan, same holds true for your landscape! I’d like to show you our plan next time and walk you through it. I’ll also post construction images as we proceed with the transformation. In the meantime, you can check out previous concept plans I’ve developed for my clients on the Concept Page at dubridgedesign.com.

For now, our objective is to demo and grade the backyard – this will be dirty business but there will be light at the end of the dust cloud. Judging from the before pics anything’s going to look better than this…right? I mean, even the house needs painting… ugh. But, we have loftier plans for this yard in spite of the shallow, 17 foot depth from the kitchen porch to the back fence line. What gives me hope and stirs my imagination is the 96 foot length of the yard as it spans the back of the house and detached garage and borrows the wonderful view of the foothills beyond! Also, there is a significant elevation change from one end of the yard to the other. Working with a slope can be daunting and it presents unique challenges not to mention inherent expenses but it can offer dramatic rewards too. I’m seeing hidden potential here and I’m anxious to get going. So, let’s do this!!!

That’s it for now and as we move forward I will keep you in the loop with posted progress pics, comments and landscaping insights. Bye for now. Thanks!