Let’s Get Started #4

Well, it’s mid August and I feel an immeasurable weight off my shoulders. The narrow scrap of land we turned into a garden oasis has been maturing for several months now: plants are growing, the pond is clear and well stocked with butterfly koi which I purchased on E-Bay, the shade structure is built ( just in time) and the garden is weaving it’s magic as it fills in to create a botanical wonderland for our enjoyment! However, the garden will never be finished, ask any gardener, it’s more of a process then an end result.

The driving force that propelled us forward in this project surfaced early during construction. I was reluctant to mention it before but I’m thinking it’s OK now. You see, shortly after we began construction late last summer, our daughter announced her engagement! Almost at once garden wedding plans were declared and a date set – August 3, 2013 and the garden hadn’t even been built!! Lois sweated the wedding details for a year and I sweated the construction of the garden for the same duration. With the wedding a couple of weeks behind us now, we are happy to say the event was fabulous – it just couldn’t have been better! And, we get to keep the venue!

So, the following images show the contrast from a year ago to today with a few wedding pics included. I hope you enjoy them.


Here we are a year ago (July 2012) with a lot of work ahead of us. Note the unimaginative linear layout of the existing space.




Same vantage point one year later – about a month ago!


Here’s a long shot looking down our narrow backyard from last year. Not much going on.


Same vantage point today. Notice the overhead string lights, they were left over from the wedding. We’re thinking of keeping them up for a while.


These before pics are really depressing… July 2012



That’s more like it. See my fish!


I made shutters just before the wedding.


Here’s the courtyard last year…


Here it is now. I wish I had a better shot of the stone wall but if you look closely you can see it curving around the furniture. Oh ya, that’s the wedding arch I built for the ceremony. It was a casual, country, bbq, wedding. The arch won’t stay forever but so far Lois refuses to bring it down.


Here’s a before pic of the steps all lined up with the house – boring. I had to include this one because the contrast was so good.


Here we are today, a year later. The Yellow Angel’s Trumpet Flower in the foreground was produced from a branch cutting I took last November and rooted indoors over the winter. For cost savings I left the original breezeway deck and steps. I power-washed and stained them. I also used a concrete stain on the hand textured concrete walk and steps.


Milling before the ceremony.


Proud dad walking his beautiful daughter down the isle!

I hope you enjoyed the planning and building of our new backyard and like the final results, we sure do and I hope I might have the opportunity to develop your landscape too. Thanks again!