What to do with what’s left over?

We have a compact back yard and in a few places, really just hot sunny slivers of dirt, there’s little room to grow anything that won’t outgrow the space quickly or just give up from the heat or lack of water. What to do with what’s left over? Well, every year we end up with more potted succulents then the year before so I snipped some offsets, dredged some river rock from the pond, added a few boulders and composed a vignette in an otherwise hot, sunny sliver of dirt. Next year I’ll pull them up roots and all (these happen to be Echiveria ‘afterglow’) cut them down to a small florette again and replant – real simple. Another example: two years ago our daughter dropped off a few Agave pups, well they happened to fit perfectly in another small dry patch of ground. An attractive, easy and inexpensive solution to an awkward problem.