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Bringing In The New Year

»Posted on Jan 28, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Bringing In The New Year

My latest “iron in the fire” aside from landscape design is the book I just published a month ago. What it is not is a book on garden design or plants or sustainability or anything like that – it’s a book on character carving! That’s right, but I’m not talking about the sitt’n on the front porch rocker whittlin a stick like a scene from Deliverance carving. I’ve done some wood carving but that includes the occasional blood letting that occurs when the pressure you exert with the blade in one hand exceeds the resistance of the wood you’re holding in the other – ouch! No, I’m talking about sweet potato carving, you know, the ones you buy at the grocery store. They’re easy to carve without the...

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Almaden Valley

»Posted on Nov 1, 2013 in Gallery | Comments Off on Almaden Valley

The owner loves traditional, extravagant formality but has a modern and quirky edge to his design sense as well which pops up from time to time in the design of the interior. So, for the outside, we followed suit: From the details of the shade structure, pizza oven and BBQ, to the grand steps leading to the pool and beyond, almost every element was an opportunity to mix it up with unexpected materials and planting. Below the pool the hillside is devoted entirely to vineyards and grape...

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Let’s Get Started #4

»Posted on Aug 22, 2013 in Blog | Comments Off on Let’s Get Started #4

Well, it’s mid August and I feel an immeasurable weight off my shoulders. The narrow scrap of land we turned into a garden oasis has been maturing for several months now: plants are growing, the pond is clear and well stocked with butterfly koi which I purchased on E-Bay, the shade structure is built ( just in time) and the garden is weaving it’s magic as it fills in to create a botanical wonderland for our enjoyment! However, the garden will never be finished, ask any gardener, it’s more of a process then an end result. The driving force that propelled us forward in this project surfaced early during construction. I was reluctant to mention it before but I’m thinking it’s OK now. You see, shortly after we began construction late...

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»Posted on May 31, 2013 in Gallery | Comments Off on Woodside

This site is awesome! Set among the oaks and redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Woodside, the scale of this natural setting is spectacular and dwarfs most landscape features. That’s why the pool is 98 feet long and the arbor columns at the far end are twelve feet tall! Alignment of the driveway down the slope was important to create the dramatic entrance that the site demands. Our work also encompassed the upper terrace and quite literally every inch of this three acres site with plantings, gazebos, dry creek beds and other built amenities. These few pictures don’t even begin to tell the story.      ...

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Monte Sereno #2

»Posted on May 31, 2013 in Gallery | Comments Off on Monte Sereno #2

The owner of this beautiful Monte Sereno estate had an intriguing list of requirements, not the least of which was an eight foot deep koi pond with an equipment/viewing vault below water level. Contrasting the pond’s informality the pool, terrace, fire pit, outdoor kitchen and fireplace are over the top formal in design. All these elements are visually linked by the park-like, undulating...

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