What We Do

DuBridge Design is an exclusive residential design studio with projects from San Martin to Hillsborough. More of our projects can be found in Calaveras County, Southern California, Costa Rica, San Antonio and Austin, Texas.

Fire Urn FallsBecause residential landscape design is our expertise, your project is our priority. Our design philosophy is simple: the passion for good design and quality work drives us to create beautiful, functional outdoor gardens and entertaining spaces.

The ‘Concept Design’ is the heart and soul of the garden. A concept with strong structural components  softened by appropriate planting set these hand drawn designs apart from others. We develop thematic environments which include swimming pools, shade structures, pool houses, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and garden ornamentation. With your input, we develop the concept, produce the working drawings and guide the construction of your garden to make your dream a reality.

Please review our galleries of outdoor living spaces and then give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss your ideas.

Outdoor BBQs and Kitchens

“Outdoor living is pure California and a big part of that is outdoor dinning.  The growing interest in sophisticated outdoor kitchens is rooted in their intrinsic appeal – the mouth-watering aromas from the grill, pizza sizzling in your built-in pizza oven and the convenience of having it all at your finger tips – outdoors!  It’s having the crowd over to watch the game by the pool or listening to your favorite tunes.  It’s gourmet grilling while your guests enjoy a drink at the bar counter that makes an outdoor kitchen a California must.” – Steve Dubridge, Landscape Architect

The Patio

“The great thing about California is that we can enjoy our back yard sanctuary in year round comfort.  The patio and shade structure defines the hub of activity. During the day it’s where you cool off. In the evening it’s where you warm up. This outdoor room sets the stage for your sound system, outdoor lighting and provides just the right location for the chefs built-in BBQ and dining.” – SD

Swimming Pools

“I think the allure of the swimming pool can be reduced to its fundamental ingredient – water… holding us captive to its ephemeral beauty and power, appealing sound, and its shimmering, mirror-like surface.  And, if you want the kids to hang out at your place, the swimming pool is definitely a kid magnet!” – SD

“Whether simple or spectacular, planning the swimming pool as part of a comprehensive design package requires careful consideration of many elements – in particular your needs and how it fits contextually with its built and natural environment.” Every year I’m amazed with the variety of new features and finishes that are introduced to create these amazing pools.” – SD

Outdoor Hearths

“The hypnotic pull of the hearth can be a great addition to the outdoor living experience. So, when the temperature chills, the crackle and warmth of a cozy fire is  irresistible, drawing you and your friends together for an evening in your own back yard.” – SD

The Garden

“Gardens should be fun and engaging. If its done right there should be a sense of unfolding mystery and the real expectation of something new each time it’s visited.” – SD

The Pond

“I love to introduce a pond in the garden – nothing quite like it. I realize it’s not for everyone but it’s just amazing the power it has in the landscape. As it matures, fish grow and surrounding plants weave there way to the waters edge creating a presence all its own which attract a succession of plant volunteers, dragonflies and birds that find their way in. It’s incredible!” – SD

Outdoor Lighting

“Lighting extends the enjoyment of your outdoor living into the night. At dusk, they stir a transformational awakening of daytime elements into a new, stunning evening environment with its own palette of color.” -SD