Meet the Architect

My wife, Lois and I have lived in Santa Clara Valley all of our lives and  we love it here. With each season we’re more thankful that we can call this home. We love the mild climate and accessibility to amazing scenery and world renowned points of interest around the Bay Area.  Only in California can such variety be found!Steve Dubridge, Owner, Dubridge Landscape ArchitectureI’ve always enjoyed science, nature and art. At 13, I surfed, developed an interest in zoology, geology, the art of bonsai and designed and built the first of many ponds in my family’s back yard. After serving in the Air Force, I headed back to school studying geology while developing an R&D department at a local company. I also raced motocross throughout the 70’s and still have a few trophies collecting dust to prove it!  It was late in that decade that I discovered Landscape Architecture – a profession that combined all of my passions – art, nature and the challenge of problem solving. Looking back,  it seems odd that I hadn’t discovered it earlier having intuitively drawn plans for my ponds many years earlier. Never-the-less it was a transformational awakening in my life!  I went back to West Valley College, picked up a few scholarships, was accepted at Cal Poly SLO, UC Berkeley and UC Davis where I attended. At Davis I was awarded an ASLA National Certificate of Honor and graduated with a BS in Landscape Architecture. I immediately began work at a mid-sized Landscape Architectural firm in Palo Alto where I quickly became the senior designer and a licensed Landscape Architect. I began DuBridge Design in 1989 and with over 25 years in the profession I still have a passion for what I do – making your outdoor space your favorite place to be.