Steve even work the front portico to Blend the architecture with the landscape – brilliant!

Hi Steve,

Karen and I are happy to provide this letter of recommendation to whomever may be interested regarding your professional landscape architectural design service.

During the construction of our home, carry on and I knew we had a unique site with great potential. A 9400 square foot home within 6/10 of an acre is a total challenge to site and landscape properly. As expected, as the house took shape, backburner issues like landscape design became Paramount, such as; the proper driver alignment, its impact on the front entry, how do we handle the important side yard and in the already tight back yard that needed a pool, outdoor kitchen and a place to eat; these all became important concerns for us.

Steve Dubridge of the Dubridge Landscape Architecture and the scene and after our initial discussion, steve immediately saw the big picture with this concept plan and then proceeded to work out the myriad details in his plan set, including vast hardscape design, Plant selection and iron work.

Once he decided the location of the drivway needed to change, the approach to the house all of a suddenly opened up for a spectacular front entry with beautiful planting, lawns,fountains and Urns. He even work the front portico to Blend the architecture with the landscape – brilliant! We constantly received numerous accolades for our landscape design and how it matches our home construction perfectly.

The cigar smokers patio and fireplace of the back to the side of the house now take centre stage as I wanted. What I like is the seamless landscaping that link all these features with the sense that it just had to have been this way- kind of loose but also with an architectural edge too. Steve even manage to carry through a strong field of elegant, but comfortable design, just like the interior of our home.

The backyard is our private sanctuary complete with pool, BBQ with outdoor kitchen, Lawn, beautiful planting and terrace. Well done.