Steve was amazing at how quickly he sensed my urgency

When I first spoke to stevedubridge, the owner of dubridge landscape Architecture, I was in Panic. I had started a home building project in Costa Rica that included a pool and landscaping. The project was not going well at All and I needed professional help. Steve was amazing at how quickly he sensed my urgency and met with me right away to see what he could to to help. It wasn’t a easy problem that we were trying to solve but Steve came up with incredible design ideas quickly, and we were able to work together to create a landscape architecture design of my dreams. I’m now in the process of implementing that design,and Steve has made himself available for any questions and/or concerns as we go through this stage of the project. Steve would generally be onsite for the project during implementation, but since it is in Costa Rica, that was not possible. However, with current technology, we were able to work electronically as needed and everything is on track. I can’t say enough about how easy it was to work with steve and how through his design ideas he showed me what was possible and came up with an outstanding landscape design solution.

I would recommend steve Dubridge and Dubridge Landscape Architecture Unhesitatingly to anyone seek professional landscape architecture needs.