Thank you for all your hard work in designing such a beautiful plan

I wanted to send you this letter of recommendation, used as a reference for other customer if you so Desire.

It has been a year since the completion of our “pool project” and Av area enjoyment of our backyard increases how is with each passing month karma as all your carefully selected plantings mature. We particularly love the elegant design you created for our infinity edge pool ,which overlooks our Fairytale backyard below. Your integration of our new cool fashion area with the existing upper level patio is seamless – most people cannot imagine how our yaad looked before the new pool, patio and barbeque areas were added.

We Particularly love your strategic use of curves and straight edges on our steep hill side property, your creative idea to use stone edged planter boxes between the patio levels to create sitting ledges so useful with our very large family and your artistic use of curves to create a dramatic and appealing barbeque area which is also incredibly functional. We appreciate your flexibility in working with us to incorporate the important elements with desired while maintaining the integrity of your plans,and your inspired ideas, such as the fire urn fountains to make our design particularly unique.

As you know, our backyard curves down steeply away from the house for several Hundred feet then levels out and slopes upward – presenting a challenging terrain for achieving our goal of an elegant yard for entertaining, while simultaneously becoming the “grandchildren attraction house”. We wanted to let you know that – you did it! We have enjoyed many occasions with our extended family and friends during this last year.

Now when we enjoy debut of our yard from one of our upper deck, we are reminded of an Italian Hillside, with lush plantings and beautiful views from many comfortable sitting areas. Thank you for all your hard work in designing such a beautiful plan, and working with us throughout the construction process to assure that our dream Retreat was completed as intended.